This is the story about a German guy who went to Taiwan to make his lifetime dream come true - mastering the Chinese language.

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2007

2nd semester

Hello world, I'm back in Taiwan!

After a great Germany trip I am back here in Taipei where my second semester of Chinese study at Shida University already has begun!

I arrived here in Taipei on sunday night at 11pm and was sitting in my classroom monday morning at 8am. I absolutely didn't want to miss another day since I had already missed the whole first week.

It was a great feeling to be back and do the thing I enjoy the most: study Chinese. I felt a bit funny at first because I had not spoken or heard any Chinese the whole 3 weeks I was in Germany but after a while I got the rythm back. ;)

For the 2nd semester I have a new strategy. First semester was already very successful, but in the end of the first semester when it came to the test I found out that I had not really studied at home after class which meant that I was not so well prepared for the test at all. This semester I will change that. Directly after my class at 10am in the morning, I will directly go to the library and sit down for at least one hour to study on my own. Did it these first two days and it was really nice. In the first sem I just went to Taida directly after my Chinese course and did nothing but surf the web and wait for lunch, that time will be spent much better in this semester!

Will keep you updated about my efforts... :)

Here some pictures of my Germany trip...

Went to see the famous castle Neuschwantstein:

Castle Neuschwanstein

Of course that is not the only place we saw. Here are some pictures of the absolutely stunning city called "Rothenburg". A romantic city that takes you back to medieval times...


Oh yeah, and there was lots of beer when we visited the world's beer capital... MUNICH!