This is the story about a German guy who went to Taiwan to make his lifetime dream come true - mastering the Chinese language.

Samstag, 21. April 2007

Chinese Gadgets

Hello everybody!

Back to Chinese! Enough of room rental websites and so on... :) Who is still interested in how the room rental site is working out can check my blog about that:

Remember I told you about my flashcard system and that I wouldn't use any cool PDAs or smartphones but still really wanted to have one anyways? Well, I really couldn't resist to get one, I love gadgets and here is my newest one:

The Motorola Ming ! This is my first Motorola Cellphone and I love it! Well, the design speaks for itself, it is just awesome. But it's functions really gave me no other chance but to buy it.

It is small compared to other smartphones but still has all the PDA functions you would need. Calendar, Tasklist, Notes, Contacts, Email and so on and so forth. Of course you can synch all that to your Outlook over bluetooth or a standard USB cable. Nice. It also comes with MSN pre-installed, so you could chat with your buddies on the go as well. Of course it can playback MP3 and videos with its build in real player.

But what made it really appeal to me is its Chinese-English dictionary with handwriting recognition function. And it works like a charm. Whenever I see a character that I cannot read now, I just write it onto the big display and the phone will recognize it and directly give me the translation. Sweeet!! I love it.

And the price is also very good! You can get it at NOVA next to Taipei Main station for just 9000 NTD, without a contract! That is really a good price for this smartphone. If you get it with a contract, I have even seen it for 3000+ NTD (Taiwan Da Ge Da).

Okay, I can't write more now, have to play with my Moto Ming..

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Anonym hat gesagt…


i am from france. i am in taiwan for 2 weeks.
the chinese translation gadget is pretty cool.
but will the cellphone work back in france, does it use SIM card ?