This is the story about a German guy who went to Taiwan to make his lifetime dream come true - mastering the Chinese language.

Dienstag, 20. März 2007

The next step

Tomorrow we will start with the 2nd book!

I am really looking forward to it! These first two weeks at Shida finishing off the first book were great to get used to class, the 7 o'clock alarm bell and to make new friends. Now I am ready to make *a lot of progress* in Chinese! And I mean business! Yes, still the same old motivation, perhaps a bit more than before because I will learn something new, something that I have not studied before. I am excited. Can you feel it? Join me on that fantastic journey...

I just bought the second book today, together with the students workbook. Both books together set me back around 660NTD which is 15 €uro. A good investment that will pay off for sure. (Haha, could I be more cheesy here? ;)

My first impression after I opened the book was: oh my god, were did all the latin characters go?

In the first book all the chapters had all the texts in the romanized version (Hanyu Pinyin) as well. But actually I never used it anyways, so I won't miss it. Other than that, the book feels more like written for grown ups. The first book was full of little cartoons and drawings. Nothing like that in the second book which instead has much more photographs. Also the texts are much longer. They seem to mean business, too! LLLEEEEEEEET'S GET REAAADYYY TO RUUUUUMMBBLLLE!

Oh yeah, I'm ready.

Let me tell you again what makes this so enjoyable for me, apart from learning the language. It is the FUN that we have in class. So much fun, I cannot emphasize it often enough. These two hours are the most enjoyable of the day for me. Okay, actually I also like the hour I spend with having food, but anyways, you know what I am talking about. ;) It feels so great to learn this language with people from all over the world that you like more and more each day, trying to make jokes in Chinese, laughing about the inability to express certain contexts clearly, but still trying to do so using the most basic vocabulary and just enjoying to be all in the same boat. Room Nr. 926, Shida University, Taipei, Taiwan.

I will never forget this time I have here.


Carrie hat gesagt…

Thanks Seb. I was wondering when you were going to post again and how you're doing in school. Book 2 looks like it will be a lot tougher, but you've got such a great attitude, I'm sure you're going to burn through it. Everytime I read your blog, I itch to get started on my own language studies. However, I'm leaving for a three month holiday next week and won't be back until June. Any recommendations about the application process? I'd like to apply when I get back this summer for the fall session.

insomniac hat gesagt…

Hi Carrie,

wow it is really cool that my postings make you itch to get started on your own language studies. That really encourages me to share more of my fascination for my studies. :)

I wish you a great 3 months trip! For your application, well you just have to meet the deadlines. I think for the fall semester that might be Juli 31st, but you better check it yourself again. Other than that you can download all the forms, fill them out and bring them to Shida in person, thats what I did. You will also need a recommendation letter and a negative HIV test...ridiculous, but okay, it's what they want. Talk more about that when you come back!

Bye, Sebastian

Todd Alperovitz hat gesagt…

Wow you are really rolling! My class won't start book 2 until early next week after we take our Chapter 25 test from book 1. Good luck!

By the way, my site address has changed:

insomniac hat gesagt…

Hi Todd, yeah we are quite fast but I still think it could go faster. Did you also start with Chapter 23 then?

I will change your link now. Have a good start into the new week, bye Sebastian

Todd Alperovitz hat gesagt…

Yes, we also started on Chapter 23... From the sound of things, you really should have joined the three hour class.

What time is your class? I'm there everyday 8:10-10 on the 8th floor.