This is the story about a German guy who went to Taiwan to make his lifetime dream come true - mastering the Chinese language.

Dienstag, 31. Juli 2007

Next semester hopefully same teacher!

Hello world!

My second semester is coming to an end! And yes, it was as good as the first one. Why? Again, my fantastic teacher Xiao Laoshi (蕭老師)gave the most motivating classes that you could think of. This woman is so full of energy, you really don't want to miss just a single class. ShiDa can be really happy and proud to have such a teacher. I could not think of a better teacher, if you come to Shida to study Chinese and if she teaches your level, do try to get into that course!

For the next semester, my third one at Shida, of course I really want to have her as my teacher too. The thing is just that a lot of my classmates will leave Shida to go back to their homecountries and to make sure you get the same teacher, Shida has the rule that you need 8 people to form a class on your own and make sure you get the same teacher. We are only 4 people now, but we really don't want any other teacher, we really want Xiao Laoshi!

So, I will ask Shida's office tomorrow if we can still get her next semester. I mean we pay a lot of money and I do think that should be possible. Actually, I think Shida's office will help us. They have been very cooperative whenever I had some problems! I will keep you updated if they are willing to help us students or not!

Bye, Sebastian


Todd hat gesagt…

Are you still in class during the 8 am - 10 am slot? If so, I'd like to join your class if you are still looking for people, my instructor this semester turned out to be a huge disappointment.

Also, one of my classmates might be interested in joining too. Let me know!

david on formosa hat gesagt…

I am lucky to meet Xiao Laoshi once a week for Taiwanese class. She really is the best!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Todd if you and your friend want to be in Sebastian's class maybe you guys could get together and find another student to form a class. You only need 7 students not 8 to form a class, it's a guarantee of having the class if you have 7 and won't have to beg favors from the office.

Michael Kent Nguyen hat gesagt…

would you want to join a fun blog called ?

Allison hat gesagt…

I've been studying Mandarin at, it provides tools to people who are lready studying and using Chinese.


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Karl hat gesagt…

Hey Sebastian,

What happened to your blog? I read it from the beginning and found it very interesting, so I was sad to see that you suddenly stopped posting 2 years ago. Are you still out there? :)

insomniac hat gesagt…

Hey Karl!

Yeah, of course I am still around! But in 2008, I started to work and so I stopped writing this blog. Well, perhaps I get back to it one time in the future. :)

Bye, Sebastian

Karl hat gesagt…

Ah, that's a pity - not the job, but that you stopped writing. :) I really enjoyed learning about life in the ROC.

I see that you have another blog that is by invitation only. Do you keep that one up to date?

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