This is the story about a German guy who went to Taiwan to make his lifetime dream come true - mastering the Chinese language.

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2007

Still learning!

Hi there!

It has been over a month since I last posted. This is just to tell everybody that I am still at Shida studying Chinese and that it is still great!

I just feel I am the busiest person living in Taipei. Now since I got a final deadline for my master thesis in Electrical Engineering, I have to work on that everyday after my Chinese class. That deadline is really a huge motivating factor. Next to Chinese and my master thesis, there is still - room rental for Singapore, that also keeps me busy. Actually had to upgrade to a dedicated server for that website since traffic was becoming crazy. The Taiwanese version is offline right now since I will implement all the improvements for this version as well (RSS, statistics, tooltips and so on).

So I guess it will take some more time until I will post more regularly again!

In the meantime, you can check another video of my trip to Germany. This is again the Castle Neuschwanstein. In the recent "New 7 Wonders" election it made the place, what a pitty! (Audio sucks....too windy!)

Bye, Sebastian


Anonym hat gesagt…

learning Chinese in China is so rewarding !

Paul D hat gesagt…

great post